Vital Jackson & Macon County, NC Address Information You Need To Know

911 Address Information…Is Yours Up to Date?

Your 911 mountain address, do you know it?  Every home now has a 911 address.  Particularly for the mountain or rural communities, it became apparent that firefighters and paramedics needed the correct address in order to reach your home as quickly as possible.

You should check to see if the county has your correct data.  This is especially important if you have a new cell phone number or the people residing in the residence has changed.

Having your correct information on file, will enable medics and fire fighters to reach your home if ever necessary in as short amount of time as possible.

Every home will have a 911 address.

Q & A’s

  • Will my vacant lot have a 911 address?  No
  • When do I apply for my 911 address?  As soon as flags are out to show the drive or the driveway is in on your lot.
  • Why do I need the 911 address?  Addresses are needed to order insurance for your new home as well as telephone or computer service.
  • When will I receive my address?  Prior to receiving your certificate of occupancy you should make certain it has been requested.  In mountain homes, this number should be placed near the drive of the home.
  • How often should I update my information?  Upon changing of cell phone numbers.  The people’s names that will reside in the residence should also be added.  In an emergency situation, this information is vital for a quick response.

Macon County

911 Information    828.359.2063

Jackson County

911 Information    828-586-7537  Click here for Jackson County 911 address request form.

Transylvania County

911 Addressing request 828-884-3108 ext 1
Street Name / Road Sign request 828-884-3108 ext 1

The Town of Highlands

828-526-2118  Be sure to go to their website and update your 911 information if you live within the city limits.  If you give them your email address, they will send you alerts if there are emergencies that you need to be aware of.  This is especially important if you are a part time resident.  If you live close to Highlands and not sure if you are in the city limits, give them a call.  They will let you know if your address falls within their jurisdiction.

A good time to think about updating your 911 address data would be the same time you check your smoke detector batteries.  Don’t delay, keep it updated!

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