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South Carolina Waterfalls


Bee Cove Falls
These multi-tiered falls are worth the 2-3 hour hike it takes you to reach them. You’ll only need to follow the sound of the falls as your make your way along the trail to find them. Even though they are in a remote location, they are worth the trip.

Big Bend Falls
Near the entrance of the Cherry Hill Recreation Area, you’ll find the trail that leads you to the Big Bend Falls. Here you’ll find gorgeous views of the biggest falls on the Chattooga River. The hike to these falls with its abrupt 30-foot drop is less than 3.5 miles. It’s a moderate hike, so be sure to take some water along and follow the directions of the trail.

Issaqueena Falls
If you want to see some wonderful views and find a place for great photo opportunities, take the fifteen minute hike from the parking lot of the Stumphouse Mountain Tunnel to reach Issaqueena Falls, named for an Indian maiden who saved her tribe from an impending attack by white settlers. You’ll enjoy the path across the footbridge, through hollows and hills, and at the end, you’ll see the falls, which cascade down over 200 feet and flow into the deeply cut valley below.

King Creek Falls
Although you’ll find these falls partially hidden by the laurel-covered bank, the trip through part of the Chattooga Trail is worth it. With its 70-foot drop and lush surroundings, photo opportunities abound.

Lee Falls
Visitors to Lee Falls have endured a pretty tough hour and a half hike for over 100 years to get to these very scenic waterfalls. Although there is no official path that leads to the 75-foot high falls, many people think it’s well worth the effort to see them.

Spoonauger Falls
Considered a wonderful hike for families, the trail that leads to Spoonauger Falls is an easy one to follow. It’ll only take you 20-30 minutes to find these falls with water cascading all the way across the side of a hill and surrounded by the lush greenery of laurel, ivy, and native plants.

Station Cove Falls
Located near the Oconee Station State Historic Site, these falls are an easy ½ mile hike through the Appalachian forest. As you make your way on the trail, don’t be surprised to find small animals on the path, and you’ll see lots of native plants too. You’ll reach the 60 foot waterfall and find a place of peaceful relaxation. Enjoy taking a dip in the pool and stream beyond the falls, and take your camera along for the excellent photo opportunities of these falls.


Disclaimer:  We love suggesting activities that you may enjoy. But please note all activities are at your own risk and and any of its representatives are not responsible should you partake and injuries result from any activities that are seen or discussed on our website.  All activities have some risk, so always be careful. Wet rocks can be very slippery so proceed with extra caution by any waterfall or stream.  Do NOT get too close to the edge at waterfalls.  Deaths have occurred where people take one step too far.  Mother Nature has blessed us with some of her best landscapes. Enjoy them!

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