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Western North Carolina Mountains

Cashiers, NC 28712 Weather Information

Live in Cashiers and enjoy our four wonderful seasons. Cashiers is known for its cool summers. Getting out of hot muggy summer weather is a dream for most; so treat yourself and find a mountain home in the Cashiers area. You will find most mountaineers on the 1st Sunday in July celebrating the fourth by the Fairfield Lake. Greenville Symphony has performed over 20 years at the annual 4th of July celebration. Bring your blanket, a picnic, and a bottle of wine if you choose to enjoy the evening. Spectucular fireworks are enjoyed by all at the end. For those that wish, a barbeque is available if you choose. Bring a jacket as it may get cool by the water.

Fall is an equally popular time to enjoy the beautiful fall colors. Don't forget to take a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is easy to access off Hwy 215 on the mountain.Many folks ask about our winters. Our average snowfall is only 15". To most that is hardly anything. To those that have never seen snow, it may not be enough. Of course January is the coldest, but in 1952 they had a high of 70. We have been known to have wonderfully warm days and colder nights in February and March. March is our heaviest month for preciptation with almost 9 inches of rain. This helps usher in a colorful Spring.

One of Spring's highlights is to enjoy a hike from Whitewater Falls. Here as I meandered down the trail, I spotted over 60 different wildflowers. Don't forget to bring a camera. Whitewater Falls makes for a wonderful photo memory.

With Cashiers weather one thing is certain, it is going to change. The best advice when coming to the mountain is to bring sweaters. One light weight and one heavier weight is really the best. Of course a jacket is always in order, heavier in the winter and light for summer. Comfort is the key and layering is the answer. Those small umbrellas are always a handy thing to have in case of that sudden shower. View current local weather forecasts for all of our wonderful Western North Carolina areas.


Cashiers Monthly Temperature and Preciptation Averages
Jan. 42°F 23°F 33°F 8.06 in. 70°F (1952) -19°F (1985)
Feb. 46°F 25°F 36°F 7. 05 in. 73°F (1996) - 9°F (1958)
Mar 54°F 31°F 43°F 8.98 in 78°F (1967) -1°F (1960)
Apr 62°F 38°F 50°F 6.47 in 83°F (1986) 13°F (1987)
May 69°F 46°F 58°F 7.90 in. 86°F (1996) 28°F (1996)
June 75°F 53°F 64°F 7.12 in. 91°F (1952) 35°F (1984)
July 78°F 57°F 68°F 6.61 in. 93°F (1952) 43°F (1988)
Aug. 7 6°F 56°F 66°F 6.59 in. 91°F (1955) 43°F (2004)
Sept. 7°F 51°F 61°F 6.76 in. 89°F (1954) 30°F (1983)
Oct. 62°F 40°F 51°F 6.05 in. 82°F (1951) 20°F (1987)
Nov. 52°F 32°F 42°F 8.24 in. 77°F (1950) -3°F (1950)
Dec. 44°F 26°F 35°F 7.74 in. 72°F (1951) -11°F (1983)
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